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Whether you are working for a central government department or a local authority, your ability to deliver services efficiently and cost effectively is critical, particularly in the current climate of austerity.


With so many issues to tackle, your ability to resolve them alone can be extremely challenging. It’s why cross agency working has become so critical. Whether it’s a local school, health authority and social services team working together to protect vulnerable young children, or a prison, social services and a social housing provider collaborating over the safe release of a prisoner, effective inter-agency data sharing is essential to making this work.

The Quvo® workforce mobility platform has been specifically designed to help public sector employees. Compared to the functionality, integration and siloed data challenges users experience with many other systems, Quvo® has been created to be easier, quicker and more effective to use. From its familiar interface and intuitive user experience, to its seamless integration with essential systems and databases that you use, Quvo® makes it simpler to capture, record and report data and share information with other partners. This helps you to work faster and more effectively, driving increase cost savings and efficiencies throughout your organisation.

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Whether you are a fire crew or ambulance worker at the scene of a serious traffic accident, or a coast guard on their way to an emergency, you need to work quickly and effectively, as every second can be the difference between life and death for those you are helping.


Fast, accurate, digital access to data is essential. Whether it’s a real-time link to critical incident information from a Command & Control system, or transferring essential data to other support agencies, you will struggle to work effectively in challenging, fast-moving scenarios without this.

The Quvo® workforce mobility platform is perfect for this, as everything you need for recording, reporting and actioning tasks is available from a single portal in the palm of your hand. The enhanced systems integration it provides also improves inter agency sharing of information. This helps boost the accuracy of data and ultimately the quality of your frontline decision making when you need it most.


Real-time, accurate and secure data is crucial when you are working for the military and defence industries. And when you are having to make critical decision in often chaotic, fast-moving and dangerous situations, it can be the difference between success or failure.


Whether it’s accessing information from mission critical systems needed for a frontline combat or reconnaissance operation, or collaboration with others including the intelligence and law enforcement agencies to thwart a potential terrorist threat, your ability to save lives depends on the quality of your data.

The Quvo® workforce mobility platform provides everything you need for recording, reporting and actioning tasks on the frontline from a single portal in the palm of your hand. Accuracy of data is also enhanced through the digitisation of processes, seamless integration with the databases you use and enhanced inter-agency sharing of information. And thanks to its compliance with Home Office EWS/DWS Digital Evidence standards, full encryption safeguards the security of your data.


The services provided by the utility and highways industries are vital to keeping businesses and the economy moving. So, if you are a utility worker called out to repair a damaged electricity pylon, or a highways officer trying to improve road safety during severe weather conditions, you need the right tools at hand to get the job done.


Whether it’s a technical spec document to help carry out a particular repair, or a critical link to a Regional Control Centre Operator providing up to the minute information on changing road conditions, the speed and quality of data is critical to how fast you can respond and get essential services back up and running again.

The Quvo ® workforce mobility platform is ideal for this. It’s simple to use and quick to search and locate everything you need. It also improves the speed and accuracy of data, helping you to respond quickly and more effectively to fast changing conditions


When you work for a voluntary organisation cost efficiency is vital and so is your ability to work effectively with many different groups including those you are trying to help and others you rely on for essential donations.


Whether it’s accessing or transmitting information on the frontline during a humanitarian aid operation, to ensure food and essential resources get to where they are needed most, or door to door canvassing for new donations, you need to work quickly and effectively with others.

The Quvo® workforce mobility platform is ideal for this. From its familiar interface, to its easy data search and share functionality. Quvo® is quick to learn and start using. So you can collaborate more effectively with others during critical operations and have all the essential data to hand during fresh donor negotiations.

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